Kirk McCarty will take on a new challenge

Kirk McCarty, who played for the SSG Landers last year, will take on a new challenge in the Taiwanese league.

The Zhongxin Brothers of the Taiwan Professional Baseball League (CPBL) officially announced on Sunday that they have signed McCarty, who played in the KBO.

McCarty was signed by SSG a year ago. At the time, SSG signed Enri Romero and McCarty as new foreign pitchers. After failing to re-sign “ace” Wilmer Font, who led the team to the 2022 championship, the team looked for replacements, and Romero and McCarty were among them.

Romero is 1.73 meters tall and weighs 83 kilograms. Despite being undersized and dwarfed for a baseball player, McCarty managed to hold down a starting role during SSG’s most difficult season in 2023. He went 9-5 with a 3.39 ERA in 24 games, which wasn’t overwhelming, 바카라사이트 but it wasn’t bad considering the team had a series of holes in its rotation, and while Romero went down with a shoulder injury before the season even started and the team went through the twists and turns of finding a replacement, McCarty stuck with it.

Personality and demeanor also scored high. His bright personality, sincere nature, and quick adaptation to life in Korea made him a “smart player” within the team.

However, it was his durability that proved to be the deciding factor in his re-signing with SSG.

McCarty suffered multiple injuries, both major and minor, in the second half of the season and was unable to pitch regularly. He almost didn’t make the roster for the semifinal playoff series, but was relegated to the bullpen. SSG deliberated after the season and removed McCarty from the disabled list.

He was happy with his time in the KBO, but after failing to re-sign with the organization, McCarty is likely to try his luck in the Taiwanese league. Depending on the situation, he could return to South Korea. In recent years, Taiwanese players have become a great option for KBO teams looking for midseason replacements. Last year, the KIA Tigers brought in Mario Sanchez from the Taiwanese League.

This season, the league rules have changed, so it’s possible to bring in foreign players as temporary substitutes, which is a great option. 토토사이트 순위 Especially if the player already has experience in the KBO, like McCarty, it’s a plus.

In addition to McCarty, Daniel Mengden, a pitcher with an imposing mustache who played for KIA in the 2021 season, joined the Joongshin Brothers. In addition to McCarty and Mengden, Zhongxin already has Shawn Morimando, who helped SSG win the title in 2022.

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