Its Hwang Sun-woo and Kim Woo-min Participate

Hwang Sun-woo and Kim Woo-min Participate… Paris Olympics Management Representative Selection Starting on the 22nd

The 200m freestyle finals are on the 26th and the 400m freestyle finals are on the 27th.

Hwang Sun-woo (20) and Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office), who opened the renaissance of Korean swimming, begin their journey to win medals at the Paris Olympics.

The Korea Swimming Federation will hold the KB Financial Korea Swimming Championship and 2024 Management National Team Selection Competition at Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool from the 22nd to the 27th.

At this competition, the representative swimmers who will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics will be confirmed. 카지노

The Korea Swimming Federation said, “For individual events, a maximum of two people can be selected who have passed the Olympic standard time (OQT) for each event,” and added, “Three team events that have already secured Olympic qualifications (men’s 800m relay, men’s 400m medley relay, and mixed medley relay 400m)

Reflecting the record of the top athlete in the men’s 200m freestyle final and the men’s and women’s 100m finals, the Performance Improvement Committee recommends ‘dispatch candidates’ to the Korea Sports Council”

The events that attract attention are the men’s 200m freestyle, in which Hwang Sun-woo participates, and the 400m freestyle, which is Kim Woo-min’s main event.

The two won gold medals at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, held in February.

He won a silver medal in the men’s 800m relay with Lee Ho-jun (Jeju City Hall) and Yang Jae-hoon (Gangwon Provincial Government).

Korean swimming hopes to win medals at the Paris Olympics in the individual events of Hwang Sun-woo and Kim Woo-min, as well as the men’s 800m relay in which they will compete together.

In previous Olympics, Korean swimming has won four medals.

This is an achievement that Park Tae-hwan achieved through his own efforts.

Tae-hwan Park won gold medals in the men’s 400m freestyle and silver medals in the 200m freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Games, and silver medals in the 400m and 200m freestyle at the 2012 London Games.

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