Unconvinced KIA backlash “KBO sends letter requesting explanation of rationale”

“Explain your rationale”. The Kia Tigers have sent a letter to the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) asking for clarification after they disagreed with an opponent’s three-peat violation during a game. The Tigers were not satisfied with the umpires’ judgment of the play and decided to fight back. The long-simmering three-peat controversy is set to resurface.

Concerns grow over lack of new medical specialists entering field next year

The number of new medical specialists next year could be zero amid the prolonged confrontation between the government and doctors over the planned hike in the medical school admissions quota. The country usually produces approximately 3,000 medical specialists every year.The projection is raising concerns that the already significant disuptions in hospital operations could escalate further.Medical

Mohegan Inspire offers cutting-edge digital media entertainment experience

INCHEON — “It’s coming, the giant pink whale will appear in just a minute,” a young woman said to her child, pointing at the immersive digital entertainment street at Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon.Next to her were hundreds of visitors who flocked to “Aurora,” the 150-meter-long, 25-meter-high ultra-high-definition LED screens that run from the

Chinese viewers’ love for Korean variety shows brings cultures closer

Korean reality shows have long fascinated global audiences with their inventive content.The latest to capture the hearts of Chinese viewers is “My Sibling’s Romance,” which premiered in early March. The innovative dating program introduces a fresh twist to the reality dating show genre by featuring brother-sister pairs navigating the quest for love while observing their

Kim saved a supporter’s life with his quick thinking

Japanese goalkeeper Kim Jin-hyun (37, Cerezo Osaka) saved a supporter’s life with his quick thinking and actions. On Nov. 27, Kim, who has played in 500 career J-League matches, stopped the game after noticing a medical emergency in the stands, according to Japanese media outlets including Nikkan Sports and Sportshochi. Kim started in goal against