All ages, from school-age children to adults, participate in the competitive sport of quidditch, which is fast gaining popularity worldwide. In 2005, fans of the Harry Potter series transformed the fictitious sport of quidditch into a physical and tactical game while keeping the spirit of the original work. As defined by Rowling, Quidditch is played on flying broomsticks.

It features items like flying brooms and sports gear with a mind of its own, and in the series, it is the most common sport performed among the wizard community.

They thereby invented the original form of quidditch in real life. As news spread out and other schools learned about it and their regular intramural games, they gradually standardized the regulations. The first intercollegiate game took place in 2007—two years later. Quidditch really took off after that.

A quidditch team is made up of 18 athletes, with 7 of them consisting of 3 chasers, 1 keeper, 2 beaters, 1 seeker on the field at once. When playing, each participant must be mounted on a broom. According to the four maximum rule in quidditch, there can never be more than four players of the same gender on the field at once. This guarantees that the game is open to everyone and is gender-neutral.

The game starts with both teams lined up and knelt on their respective sides of the field. The game will start with a mad dash to collect the balls when the referee yells “Brooms Up.” All players are then required to have a broom between their legs the entire time they are in play. If they don’t, they’ll be forced to return to their hoops before they can rejoin the game. This makes the game much more challenging because it is impossible to jump, run, weave, and dodge while holding a broom between your thighs.

Gaining more points than your opponents is the goal of 메이저사이트 the Quidditch game. Players achieve this by scoring goals, which are accomplished by putting a slightly deflated volleyball known as the Quaffle into the opposing team’s hoops, awarding them 10 points, and by snatching the Golden Snitch, worth 30 points. They must defend their own set of hoops in addition to preventing the opposing team from scoring. With their unique goalkeeping abilities, keepers play a significant defensive role.

The team that captures the golden snitch typically wins the game and declares victory. However,  In a memorable World Quidditch Cup match, the Belgian Seeker does manage to catch the snitch, but the Belgian team still loses to Ireland.

The brutal sport of quidditch frequently leads to injuries as players fall off their broomsticks or are smacked by bludgers. Bludgers are frequently constructed of soft foam for added safety, ensuring that no one who comes into contact with one will be hurt. If someone is struck by a bludger, they are temporarily “out” of the game even though the beaters continue to attempt to repel them.

The fact that quidditch is a highly contact sport with tackling is one aspect of the game that most novices find surprising. To stop attacks, cause turnovers, disrupt strategy, etc., players can tackle opponents. No tackling from behind is permitted; all tackles must be made inside the field of vision of the athlete being tackled. Tackling on the head or neck is also prohibited.

As more and more nations in the Asia-Pacific area took up the sport as well, becoming well-known enough to participate in the 2018 World Cup, which was hosted in 안전놀이터 Florence, Italy. There are currently more than 30 recognized IQA member countries, each of which oversees competitions and games in its own nation. Quidditch is also played on a smaller scale in many other nations across the world.

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