Kim Ja-in, 30th gold medal in the World Cup lead event… the most ever

Kim Ja-in, 30th gold medal in World Cup lead event… Kim Ja-in, the ‘Rock Empress’ of the most

Korean sports climbing ever, won the 30th gold medal in her personal career in the lead event of the International Sports Climbing Federation World Cup, becoming the ‘most gold medalist of all time’ in the lead event.

Kim Ja-in won the gold medal in the lead final of the women’s event held in Chamonix, France, beating Japan’s Nonoha Kume overwhelmingly.

Kim Ja-in, who tasted victory on the World Cup stage four years after the World Cup in Inzai, Japan in October 2019, won 30 gold medals, the most among men and women in a single event in the World Cup series.


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