Kwon Soon-woo US Open Sortie Notice Shoulder Injury

Kwon Soon-woo US Open sortie notice… Shaking off a shoulder injury and returning after 6 months

List the names of the qualifiers… Possibility of going directly to the finals, leaving for the United States on the 5th and training…

My girlfriend Yubin’s handwritten letter overflows with tears’ Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall),

Tennis Star

A Korean men’s tennis star, will shake off her injury and return to the court through the US Open,

the third major tournament this year.

According to Rico Sports, Kwon Soon-woo’s agent, on the 7th,

Kwon Soon-woo left for the United States on the 5th to prepare for the US Open. 카지노사이트

Kwon Soon-woo

Kwon Soon-woo, who has been training with a racket since the middle of last month, plans to improve his physical condition by training in Florida, USA, and move to New York to participate in the US Open, which opens on the 28th.

If he returns smoothly, he will be on the court six months after the Exxon Mobile Open in Qatar last February.

Currently, Kwon Soon-woo’s name is on the US Open singles preliminary list.

Men’s Single Ranking

Soon-woo men’s singles ranking, which was in the 60th and 70th places at the beginning of this year,

has fallen outside the top 100 (105th) due to the aftermath of an injury.

However, as it is ranked 5th in the preliminary list for the finals,

there is a possibility that it will go directly to the finals without preliminaries.

Kwon Soon-woo will challenge to advance to the first 3rd round of singles in this tournament, which is his fifth appearance.

The Kwon Soon-woo‘s best performance in singles at the US Open was to reach the second round in 2020 and last year.

Soon-woo’s best singles performance in major tournaments was up to the third round at the 2021 French Open.


After the US Open, Kwon Soon-woo will immediately move to Valencia, Spain, and participate in the Davis Cup final group stage, a national competition.

Korea competes against Spain, Serbia, and the Czech Republic in the group stage,

which will be held from September 12 to 17.

As Kwon Soon-woo, who started the season in a good mood by winning the Adelaide International in January,

has been focusing on rest and rehabilitation since February due to a shoulder injury.

In the midst of this, he drew a lot of attention by revealing his devotion to Yubin,

a member of the girl group Wonder Girls.

And Kwon Soon-woo made fans happy by posting several photos of the fun time he had with Yubin along with training news on his SNS.

Soon-woo Kwon posted a photo of a keychain with Yubin’s name on it when he entered the US, and wrote ‘I cried a little (a lot) on the plane in a handwritten letter’ to express his gratitude to his lover who supported him.

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