NC Coach Kang In-kwon who Intentionally Delayed the Game

NC coach Kang In-kwon (51) was disciplined by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

The KBO announced on the 30th

We held a reward and punishment committee on the 30th and imposed a warning and a fine of 1 million won on NC coach Kang In-kwon

who intentionally delayed the game after leaving the game.”

Coach Kang In-kwon was kicked out of the game against LG in Changwon on the 27th while protesting the results of the video review. 바카라사이트

 Afterwards, NC players were instructed not to go to bat, intentionally delaying the game.

The KBO Reward and Punishment Committee imposed a fine of 1 million won on coach Kang In-kwon pursuant to Article 9 of the league’s penalty regulations and issued a warning.

The KBO explained, “If acts that impede the smooth operation of games recur in the future, as in this case, we will be severely punished.”

The situation was like this. 

At that time, in the top of the third inning, with one out and runners on first and third base

Shin Min-jae hit a fly ball to second base. 

Second baseman Park Min-woo caught the ball with a dynamic move in the outfield. 

At this time, first base runner Hong Chang-gi was heading toward second base, and Park Min-woo threw to first base, putting the runner out.

In this process, third base runner Park Hae-min hit home. 

The key is which comes first:

Park Hae-min’s score or Hong Chang-ki’s out. 

The referees thought that Park Hae-min scored quickly.

NC requested a video review. 

The results did not change. 

The score was tied 1-1. However, director Kang In-kwon did not understand.

He immediately appealed and was ejected according to the regulations.

I just didn’t back down. 

He gave instructions to his players not to go out to bat. It was a strong expression of dissatisfaction.

The game was not played for quite a long time.

A reward and punishment committee was held regarding this, and disciplinary action was confirmed.

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