“Sorry about the iPhone, I’ll take the Galaxy” by Sugar Ear Son Heung-min?

Son Heung-min spotted taking selfies with fans, holding only a Galaxy.
Perhaps influenced by his Galaxy ambassador contract, before ‘Son’, Sugar was “no iPhone”

Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur)

Who plays in the English Professional Soccer Premier League (EPL), showed the class of a Galaxy Ambassador. When fans asked him for a selfie, he politely declined the iPhone in favor of the Galaxy. Heung-min Son took a selfie with his Galaxy phone, 섯다 but when a fan asked for an iPhone, he politely declined.

According to industry reports, a short video of Son Heung-min and fans taking a photo together was recently released on the short-form platform TikTok.

In the video, the message reads, “Son Heung-min can’t hold fans’ iPhones due to his contract with Samsung Electronics. If you want to take a selfie with him, you’ll need a Samsung phone,” the video explains.

In fact, in the video, Son Heung-min appears to apologize to the fan who offers him his iPhone, clasping his hands together. 온라인섯다 In response to his polite refusal, the fan said, “It’s okay,” and took a selfie with his own iPhone.

In the case of the fan with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Son Heung-min took a selfie with the phone himself. While Son Heung-min held the phone, the fan unfolded Son Heung-min’s No. 7 jersey and took a picture with it.

This is likely due to the fact that Son Heung-min is an ambassador for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy brand. Son Heung-min was previously spotted wearing the Galaxy Watch 6, which had not been officially unveiled at the time, while departing from Incheon International Airport in July.

Samsung Electronics later confirmed that the smartwatch he was wearing was the Galaxy Watch 6, and officially announced that Son Heung-min would become a Galaxy brand ambassador.

With so-called “celebrities” showing their loyalty to Galaxy products one after another, 카지노사이트랭크 it is expected that Samsung Electronics will be able to break through, especially among young people.

Before Son Heung-min, BTS’s Suga

Made headlines in April when he said he would only take selfies with fans with Galaxy phones during his solo world tour concert in the United States, shouting “No iPhone. Only Galaxy” during his solo tour concert in the United States in April.

Samsung Electronics responded by inviting Sugar to its new product unveiling event, Galaxy Unpacked, in July and presenting him with the first Galaxy Z Fold 5. 고스톱 The company also thanked Sugar by presenting him with an honorary employee certificate from the Galaxy marketing team.

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