JKU with ‘43.8% 3-point shooting percentage’ Lee Kang-ho wins title + qualifies for Gimpo Geum-Rice Bae

JKRU wins the undefeated championship. 토토사이트 Ace Lee Kang-ho’s crazy fingertips led JKRU to victory.

Led by Choi Yang-sun (16 points, 11 rebounds) and Lee Kang-ho (9 points, 3 three-pointers), JCrew overwhelmed the Skywalkers in the finals of the 18th Gimpo City Association Jangbae National Living Sports Basketball Tournament at the Gimpo City Living Gymnasium on Thursday, winning 57-38 to claim the title.

With a standout scorer in Lee Kang-ho, JKR rose from the qualifiers to the finals in a blaze of glory. After a dominant performance in the preliminaries with two consecutive 20-point wins, JKRU made quick work of last year’s defending champions, HeraClass, in the quarterfinals with a 59-19 blowout.

In the quarterfinals, JKRU had a close call against the Skywalkers, who featured another top scorer in Jang Dong-young, but they managed to hold onto their lead late in the game to reach the final.

JCrew’s final opponent was Triangle, who came out on top in the quarterfinals with a hard-fought two-point victory.

In the second quarter, JKRU jumped out to a 10-point lead. After a shaky start in the first quarter, where they lost the lead to Samsang, JCrew took a 15-7 lead in the first quarter thanks to Lee Jin-gyu’s three-point shooting and the height of Kim Yoon and Choi Yang-sun.

After leading in the first quarter, JCrew took a double-digit lead, 18-9, in the second quarter thanks to a three-pointer from Lee Kang-ho. Triangle answered right back with a basket of their own, but it was JCrew who slowly built a 10-point lead as Lee Kang-ho hit another three-pointer.

Sparked by a pair of three-pointers from Lee Kang-ho, JCR added another from Seo Chang-hyun to take a 23-11 lead. After back-to-back baskets by Choi Yang-sun just before the end of the second quarter, JCR limited the Tribe to just six second-quarter points to take a 29-13 halftime lead.

Entering the third quarter with a lead of more than 10 points, JKRU took a 38-21 lead after Lee Kang-ho hit a wedge three-pointer.

A late third-quarter surge pushed the lead to 50-24, and JKRU virtually sealed the deal before the start of the fourth quarter, pulling away in the fourth to win the tournament.

Lee Kang-ho’s fingertips played a crucial role in JKRU’s victory. In five games of the tournament, Lee made 21 of 48 three-pointers. That’s a 43.8% success rate. He also had a 70 percent success rate from two-point range, averaging 20.4 points per game in the tournament and playing an integral role in JKU’s victory.

As the winners and runners-up of the two-day tournament, JCrew and Triangle have secured a spot in the 2023 Gimpo Geum Rice Bae, which will be held in November.

Meanwhile, the tournament MVP was Lee Kang-ho, who averaged 20.4 points in five games and shot 91.4 percent from the free throw line to lead JKU to the title.

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