The Korean b-boys and b-girls have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games as they look to become the first ever breaking champions. B-boys Kim Hong-yeol (Hong10) and Kim Heon-woo (Wing) and B-girls Jeon Jeon-ye (Freshbella) and Kwon Sung-hee (Starry) safely made it to the quarterfinals after the round of 16 at the Archer Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on Saturday afternoon .Unlike the previous round of qualifiers, which were played in a “cypher” format, the round of 16 featured traditional one-on-one breaking matches. Players faced off against three opponents from each group three times in a round-robin format, with the top two players with the most round wins and judges’ votes punching their tickets to the quarterfinals. In his first match against China’s Qi Xiangyu (Lithe-ing) in Pool A, Kim was defeated by a round score of 0-2 (4-5 2-7).The judges’ choice was in favor of Qi Xiangyu, who performed more difficult spinning techniques than Kim, who used a freeze (a technique that momentarily stops the body) several times .Kim Hong-yeol played like a veteran, dominating his opponent in games two and three to take second place in the group behind Qi Xiangyu, who won all three games. In his match against Thailand’s Chinabut Chantrat (Cheno), Kim coolly won the round-robin match 2-0 (9-0 9-0), holding the frieze for more than two seconds during his performance, drawing cheers from the crowd. He went on to win his final group match against Uzbekistan’s Jamal Asadullayev 2-0 (9-0 9-0).Kim reached the quarterfinals as the top seed in Group B.In his first match against Taiwan’s Quake, Kim utilized his relatively large height (180 cm) to his advantage, weaving his freezes into the smoke to showcase his cool moves en route to a 2-0 victory (7-2 8-1).Kim, who also won his second match 2-0 (9-0 8-1) against Kantafon Rodsaalt (T flow), also defeated Uzbekistan’s Tagrat Sherov 2-0 (9-0 9-0).In addition to Korean players, the favorites from other countries are also cruising.Shigeyuki Nakarai (Shigekix, Japan) and Amir Zakhirov (Amir, Kazakhstan) also reached the quarterfinals after topping their groups with three wins in Groups C and D.On the women’s side, Jeon Ji-ye and Kwon Sung-hee also advanced to the round of 16 after finishing second in Pools B and D, respectively.After falling to Japan’s Ami Yuasa 0-2 in the round robin, Jeon defeated Hong Kong’s Chankai and Taiwan’s Chun Yi-ru 2-0 to secure second place in the group.Kwon Sung-hee also fell 0-2 to China’s Ying zi in her first match, but rebounded with a 2-0 win over Alanya Talam (Yani-Philippines) and Thanawadee Sutishiri (Nuchi-Thailand).The women’s favorites made no mistakes At the age of 40, Japanese b-girl Ayumi Fukushima, still in world-class form, topped Group A with three wins. China’s Liu Qingyi (671), considered one of the most advanced spinners in the game, also advanced to the quarterfinals with three straight wins to top 온라인카지노 Group B. The quarterfinals will begin on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET with the men’s competition.

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