Tottenham’s ‘Belly’ Maddison raves, “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!” who?

There’s a guy the British media is calling the best move in the English Premier League (EPL) this past summer transfer window, and it’s James Maddison. Tottenham’s belly button. 

Maddison left Leicester City for Spurs ahead of this season. Maddison is considered one of the best attacking midfielders in the EPL. He was a perfect fit for Spurs.

Maddison has been a consistent starter for Spurs, scoring two goals and providing five assists. She is currently tied for first in the EPL in assists. With Maddison energizing the offense, Tottenham soared. His chemistry with ace Son Heung-min was superb. In the absence of Harry Kane, Son scored six goals. Spurs are now first in the league with 6 wins and 2 draws. This is the first time in Spurs‘ history that they have reached 20 points after the opening eight games.

Maddison led Tottenham to the top of the league and is now on the England national team. He praised one of the Spurs players in local media. He called them the best he’d ever experienced in his life. Who is it?

Enze Postecoglou, the new Tottenham manager. He took the reins of a crumbling Spurs team after a stellar spell at Celtic. Postecoglou has taken Spurs from playing defensive soccer to playing attractive attacking soccer. Postecoglou’s presence is a key driver of Spurs’ rise.

“I’m enjoying playing under him,” Maddison said. “He’s a really good coach. He motivates the players. He has a good influence on the players.”

“Postecoglou is the best man I’ve ever seen in soccer. When Postecoglou starts talking to you, you can’t look anywhere else. You can’t help but focus on 메이저사이트 Postecoglou. It’s very difficult to explain to people who haven’t experienced it firsthand. Postecoglue helped me adapt to Tottenham quickly.”

Finally, Maddison concluded, “Fostecoglue is a big part of the reason why Spurs are on the rise right now. Everyone knows that. Postecoglue has been great, great, great for me.”

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