“I waited for the results of the second draft with a rookie’s heart,” said Woo Gyu-min (38).He realized that the Samsung Lions had removed him from the 35-man protected list.” There were days when I couldn’t sleep,” Woo said, “because I was worried that if I wasn’t selected in the second round of the draft, it would be recognized as ‘Woo Gyu-min is not needed .The KT Wiz selected Woo with the sixth overall pick in the first round of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Secondary Draft, held behind closed doors on April 22. “I was drafted by the LG Twins with the 19th overall pick in the second round of the 2003 draft before graduating from Whimun High School,” said Woo. “It felt like I was in a rookie draft again after about 11 years. I know it’s not the same standard, but it feels good to be selected in the first round,” he laughed .While it’s sad to say goodbye to his Samsung teammates, there are many familiar faces at KT.

“I finally got to play on the same team with Lee Kang-cheol, who all submarine-type pitchers look up to,” Woo said, adding, “I’m really lucky in the twilight of my baseball career. “KT manager Lee Kang-cheol is the best submarine pitcher in KBO history. During his career, he won 152 games (112 losses, 53 saves, and 33 holds). Not surprisingly, he holds the record for most wins by a submarine pitcher in the KBO. Woo’s personal record is 82 wins, 86 losses, 90 saves, and 106 holds. Despite the losses in his cumulative record as a starter, middle reliever, and closer, he still holds the records for most wins and most saves by an active submarine pitcher. “My record will be easily surpassed by Ko Young-pyo (KT) and Choi Won-joon (Doosan Bears),” Woo said, humbly adding, “I will learn from coach Lee Kang-chul with a rookie’s heart. There is also Coach Kim Tae-han, who I met at Samsung, so there are many people to learn from. I’ll also learn change-ups from Young-pyo, the best submarine pitcher in the game, even though he’s a junior .”He’s also reunited with some of his teammates from LG.

“My friend Kyung-soo is at KT,” Woo Gyu-min exclaimed in a very bright voice. Park Kyung-soo and Woo Gyu-min joined LG together in 2003. However, Park left LG first in 2015, and Woo Kyu-min moved to Samsung in 2017.”As soon as the second round of the draft was over, I called Kyung-soo. I told him, ‘I’ll carry water and play hard like a rookie, so please look at me pretty,'” he laughs fondly. Park Byung-ho is another junior who played with him at LG.”I also talked to Park Byung-ho,” Woo said. “Byung-ho and I don’t have championship rings. I told him, ‘I’ll pitch six straight games, so let’s win the championship at KT.” There are a lot of players I’m familiar with at KT, like Choi Jae-dae, who I met at LG, and Kim Sang-soo, who I played with at Samsung. “I was impressed with the performance of KT’s young bullpen in the postseason this year. It’s a great honor for me to join the KT bullpen. I can’t wait to get to know them. “The 카지노사이트 youngest member of the first team since 2013

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