The Korea Olympic Committee (KOC) has approved a plan to operate an overseas liaison office in Lausanne, Switzerland, the world’s sports capital, and urged the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to approve the project as soon as possible .The NOC held an extraordinary general assembly of delegates at the Olympic Park Hotel in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on Jan. 1, deliberating and approving the revision of the articles of association and the operation plan for the Lausanne office .The establishment of the Lausanne Overseas Liaison Office is a key project of the NOC this year to send resident staff to Lausanne, which is home to 49 international sports organizations, in order to realize mid- and long-term goals such as strengthening international sports cooperation and establishing a training base center for Korean athletes in Europe .The NOC has secured a government budget of 800 million won for the project this year and 400 million won for next year, it said. The NOC emphasized that the establishment of the Lausanne overseas liaison office is directly in line with the government’s policy of fostering global talent in sports and strengthening international sports diplomacy. However, they expressed frustration that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism did not approve the project to build the Lausanne office through the National Assembly’s budget deliberations.

The NOC and athletes also pointed out that the ministry has not responded to their request to amend the organization’s bylaws, which were discussed by legal experts and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to strengthen its political neutrality .The NOC changed the words “member of the National Assembly, head of a municipality, or member of a local council” to “member of the National Assembly, head of a municipality, or member of a local council” in Article 30, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Articles of Incorporation, which specifies the reasons for disqualification of officers, after a vote by the general assembly of delegates. In addition, in Article 31 of the Articles of Incorporation, which governs the resignation and dismissal of officers, we added, “If an officer registers as a preliminary candidate (or registers as a candidate) for the presidential, national assembly, local councilor, and local government head elections under the Public Offices Election Act, he or she shall be deemed to have resigned on the date of registration. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism conveyed the idea that it is difficult to approve changes to the articles of association considering the sensitivity of the issue, according to the NOC. When the request for approval of the bylaws change, which was duly voted on by the General Assembly of Delegates, and the push for an overseas liaison office in Lausanne were blocked by the MOC, the NOC and delegates responded that it 무료슬롯게임 was disrespectful to sports organizations and that the MOC’s interference was excessive.

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