Coach Park Dong-hyeok (44), who moved to Gyeongnam FC from Asan, South Chungcheong Province, in the K-League 2 professional soccer league, expressed his ambition to bring Gyeongnam to the first division with ‘offensive soccer.’Coach Park said through the club on the 8th, “I thought Gyeongnam was a very attractive team in the 2nd division and a team that could be promoted to the 1st division. I think we have met a team that can challenge,” and “We will definitely raise Gyeongnam to the 1st division.” “I will work hard first and prepare harder than the players,” he said.Coach Park, who took charge of Asan Mugunghwa and won the K League 2 championship in 2018 and received the Coach of the Year award, has been attracting attention as a talented young leader by leading Asan, South Chungcheong Province, which was founded as a civic club in 2020, for four seasons.In the 2023 season, Asan finished in 10th place in K League 2 and was appointed as the head coach of Gyeongnam two weeks after the breakup was announced on the 21st of last month, so he will be able to watch next season in K League 2 as well.Gyeongnam, which made a comeback in the K-League 2 playoffs for two consecutive years, chose coach Park, who has championship experience, as the leader who will lead them over the turning point.Coach Park said, “Gyeongnam, which I have watched for several years, is a team that has achieved good results with good players. This year, especially the young players have grown a lot. We will nurture those players further and, along with good foreign players, lay the foundation for promotion through the soccer we aim for.” “The goal is to create,” he said.

He said, “I like attack-oriented soccer. If we add that to Gyeongnam, they will be able to develop into a stronger and more frightening team that can harass their opponents. I will prepare to hear people say that Gyeongnam has become faster and has changed.” “He promised.He added, “Defense is also important in order to play offensive soccer. I think we can play offensive soccer with stable defense if there is a harmony between players who are young and have potential for growth and players who can take center stage.”Coach Park diagnosed that Gyeongnam had excellent individual abilities but seemed to lack a bit of fighting spirit, and predicted ‘the most difficult winter training in a leader’s life.’He emphasized, “You can only overcome difficult things by enduring and persevering through them. You can become a strong team only by building up the strength to go one step further when difficulties arise.”Coach Park said, “I want to achieve a ‘sensational’ promotion so that I can once again attract great interest from the local people,” and added, “If it is for social contribution or the development of local soccer, I will go ahead 온라인카지노 of the players and make sure that at least one more fan comes to the home stadium.” also conveyed his will.

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