Seongdong-gu, Seoul (Chief Jeong Won-oh) announced on the 8th that it will secure 2.4 billion won in special grant taxes from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and promote policies closely aligned with the lives of residents.Looking at the special grant tax details secured by the district, Creation of artificial turf for the tennis court at Eungbong Sports Park (KRW 400 million) Installation of smart smoking booths (KRW 400 million) Expansion of public parking lot at Geumho-dong 1-ga (KRW 800 million) Installation of protective fences in crowded areas (KRW 400 million) 100 million won) Improvement of traffic safety facilities in children’s protection areas (700 million won), etc.

The district is also installing artificial turf on the tennis courts in Eungbong Sports Park and carrying out improvement work to ensure comfortable use.In addition, ‘Seongdong-type smart smoking booths’ will be installed to guarantee the right to smoke and at the same time prevent non-smokers from being harmed by second-hand smoke.This booth is equipped with negative pressure equipment and an air purification function, so the smell of cigarettes does not permeate clothes and the smoke does not escape.It is planned to be installed in areas with a large floating population and smokers, such as Seongsu-dong.District Mayor Jeong Won-oh said, “I am glad that we were able to secure the budget despite worsening tax revenue conditions due to a decrease in tax revenue,” and added, “We will pursue life-friendly 무료슬롯게임 projects that directly affect the lives and safety of Seongdong-gu residents.”

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