There are Also Supporting Actors Like Jeong Seong-woo and Han Hee-won

KT is a team that boasts brilliant members. Heo Hoon, Moon Seong-gon, and Ha Yoon-ki are part of the national team lineup.

However, it is a scary team because it also has strong supporting players like Jeong Sung-woo and Han Hee-won.

KT was considered a dark horse before the season. This is because free agent Moon Seong-gon was recruited, and Heo Hoon was scheduled to return after discharge from the military. 바카라사이트닷컴

Because Ha Yoon-gi left due to injury when Heo Hoon and Moon Seong-gon returned, the team was not fully formed until the Sono match on the 5th.

However, Heo Hoon left again due to a nose injury.

The entire KT side is gorgeous. However, KT is becoming stronger because there is a supporting actor supporting the main character.

Guard Jeong Seong-woo is relieving Heo Hoon of the defensive burden.

In the Sono match on the 5th, Jeong Seong-woo closely marked Sono Lee Jeong-hyeon instead of Heo Hoon. In the DB away game on the 17th

which was played while Heo Hoon was absent, he led the team to victory by scoring 17 points (7 assists), including 4 3-pointers.

Hee-won Han is also in charge of blocking the opposing shooter.

Although he is a 195cm tall forward, he has speed and can even play guard defense.

It is an indispensable puzzle for the team’s defense, such as blocking Lee Jeong-hyun in the game against Samsung and Seong-hyun Jeon in the game against Sono. In the DB away trip on the 17th

he was doing the dirty work, such as blocking Didrick Lawson.

KT is becoming stronger through the harmony of the brilliant lead and the supporting actors who do the dirty work.

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