“He said he lost about 8 to 9 kilograms.”

“He said he lost about 8 to 9 kilograms.”

Lotte Giants captain Jeon Jun-woo, veteran players Kim Sang-soo, Jung-hoon, Noh Jin-hyeok, and Yoo Kang-nam recently got together to shoot a climbing video for the team’s YouTube channel. Yoo Kang-nam showed off his sharp jawline in the video. Seniors such as Jeon Jun-woo and Kim Sang-soo were surprised to see how much weight he had lost. Noh Jin-hyuk, who accompanied him on the climbing video, said, “(Yoo) Kang-nam lost about 8 to 9 kilograms,” explaining that he was preparing for the 2024 season with a rigorous diet.

Yoo Kang-nam became a free agent last year and moved to Lotte from LG. He signed a four-year, 8 billion won contract. Lotte saw him as the perfect fit to quench their thirst for a starting catcher. In fact, Lotte no longer had to worry about a starting catcher once Yoo donned a Lotte uniform.

However, he had a rough start to the season and didn’t quite live up to expectations. His batting was disappointing. His batting came alive in the second half of the season and his contributions at the plate increased, but he ended up batting .352 with 10 home runs, 55 RBIs, and an OPS of .726. It was a performance that left something to be desired, even for him. 온라인카지노 There were also trials and errors with the pitchers. It was his first season in the league, so he hadn’t gotten many pitches yet. However, Yoo quickly gelled with the Lotte pitching staff and led to the overall stability of the pitching staff.

This year, Lotte’s 4.16 ERA was in the middle of the pack.

This compares to 4.45 (9th) in 2022, 5.37 (10th) in 2021, and 4.64 (6th) in 2020. In addition, their FIP was 3.98, good for third in the league. The pitching staff was on par with KT (3.80) and LG (3.96), the teams they faced in the Korean Series. With a little help from the defense, Lotte could have really experienced the “Yoo Kang-nam effect.

For Yoo, his first season with the team was a disappointment. After his first meeting with coach Kim Tae-hyung last year, he told the press, “I didn’t come here for a small amount of money, so I had a lot of pressure on myself. I wanted the team to win every day, and I wanted to hit well and score runs,” he said, adding, “I think the team would have done better if I had done half as much as I did in the second half of the season. I’m very disappointed that the season is over,” he reflected.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t finish with a sub-3 team ERA, but it was still the lowest we’ve had in the last three or four years. We need to do a little better,” he said, conveying a sense of pride amidst the disappointment. This first season of disappointment also led to a severe weight loss. Now it’s year two. He can’t talk about the adjustment anymore. This year, the league is set to make some big changes, including the introduction of automated ball-and-strike judgment, or robot umpires. Yoo is also new to the game, but as a veteran, he needs to keep the pitching staff steady and lead the young catching staff, including Son Sung-bin.

Yoo is considered one of the best framers in the league.

However, with the introduction of robot umpires, the skill of turning balls into strikes is bound to become obsolete. Therefore, some people think that Yoo’s strengths will also disappear.

However, Yoo Kang-nam responded, “The most important thing is to give the pitcher a sense of security with my pitch. Even if a robot umpires, if I hold the ball unsteadily, the pitcher will have problems. I should try to hold it steady without thinking about the robot umpire,” he said emphatically. “I think I need to show more skill within the robot umpire, such as holding the ball a little more in front of me. I need to concentrate on catching the ball for the pitcher for every pitch,” he emphasized.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung said that Lotte’s catching staff, led by Yoo Kang-nam, is “the strongest in the league.” In response, Yoo Kang-nam said, “I think I need to prepare well from spring training so that I don’t show any weaknesses. I will prepare well so that I can continue to hear such words.”

In 2024, his second year in the league, 바카라사이트 추천 Yoo Kang-nam, who is preparing himself by losing weight, will be able to have a disappointment-free season.

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