Wonju Citizen’s Day event at Gangneung Olympic Park on the 22nd

Wonju City announced on the 19th that it will hold a ‘Wonju Day’ event at Gangneung Olympic Park on the 22nd.Through this event, youth from around the world can enjoy the excitement of the winter sports festival and showcase Wonju citizens’ passion for the Winter Youth Olympics to the international community.About 2,000 people, including nine social organizations and citizens, including the Wonju City Mobile Bank Association, Saemaeul Association, Right Living Movement, Veterans Association, Veterans Association, Sports Association, Korea Senior Citizens Association, Korea Youth Development Support, and Public Relations Committee, will participate.

We plan to watch various games such as curling, speed skating, ice hockey, and short track and cheer on the athletes.In addition, we will promote Wonju’s culture and tourism to the world and also promote the hometown love donation system.Wonju Mayor Won Kang-soo said, “Like a bunch of snowballs pressed together, the passion of Wonju citizens will gather through this event and create great energy,” and I hope for the success of Asia’s first Winter Youth Olympic Games.He added, “I hope you will give a big round of applause and support to Wonju’s 슬롯게이밍 challenge to complete the winter sports belt by successfully hosting an international skating rink.”

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