‘3 points, 16 shots’ Korea Gas Corporation defeats DB, the leading professional basketball team, and wins 3 times in a row

‘Bass 30 points’ KT wins by 16 points over CheongKwanJang 6th ‘2 million spectators’ in history

Acting Director Kang Hyuk

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, a professional basketball team that has been on the rise recently, exploded with 16 3-point shots and completely defeated the leader Wonju DB by 25 points.

Korea Gas Corporation defeated DB 98-73 in the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League home game held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 27th and won three times in a row. 바카라사이트

Korea Gas Corporation, which was competing with Seoul Samsung (5 wins, 29 losses) for last place until the beginning and middle of the season, achieved 7 wins in the last 8 games and rose to sole 7th place (14 wins, 21 losses).

The gap with 6th place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (18 wins, 17 losses), which is the Maginot line for advancing to the semifinals of the playoffs (PO), is 4 games.

Just before the end of the fourth quarter of the game against Busan KCC held on the 25th, Sam Josef Belangel drew a foul on Heo Woong, dramatically sending the game into overtime. Korea Gas Corporation, which achieved a thrilling victory, continued its upward trend by defeating the first-place team DB.

In particular, they showed a well-organized performance, including a landslide victory against DB (27 wins, 9 losses), who had a dominant system, and predicted a sensation in the second half of the season.

On this day, Korea Gas Corporation exploded with 16 3-pointers and destroyed DB’s defense from the outskirts.

Acting coach Kang Hyeok suppressed DB’s attacks under the goal by guaranteeing about 27 minutes of playing time to Duvan Maxwell, who has excellent defensive skills, instead of main gun Andrew Nicholson, and this strategy was also successful.

DB’s 2-point success rate dropped to 38% due to Korea Gas Corporation’s switching defense centered on Maxwell and Shin Seung-min.

At Korea Gas Corporation, Filipino guard Belangel was in full swing, scoring 21 points and 8 assists, the most in the team.Shin Seung-min also added 20 points by hitting four 3-pointers.

Maxwell, who played well on defense, also recorded 12 points and 7 rebounds.

In DB, it was painful that main gun Didrick Lawson scored only 15 points.

Due to the persistent defense of Maxwell and Shin Seung-min, the field goal success rate dropped to 31%, and he was unable to properly fulfill his role as an ‘engine’ in the attack, such as saving his teammates.

Suwon KT also defeated Anyang Jeonggwanjang 94-78 at home.

KT, ranked 3rd with 22 wins and 12 losses, won three games in a row, igniting competition for a PO ticket to the semifinals in the second half of the season.

In professional basketball, the 1st and 2nd place teams go directly to the semifinals PO without going through the semifinals PO.

On this day, KT enjoyed double happiness with the victory, with a total cumulative audience exceeding 2 million, including during the predecessor Nasan, Gold Bank, and Korea Tender eras.This is the 6th record in history.

On the other hand, the gap between 8th place Cheong Kwan Jang (13 wins, 22 losses) and 6th place Hyundai Mobis widened to 5 games, further reducing the possibility of advancing to the PO.

For KT, main gun Paris Bass was explosive with 30 points and 11 rebounds.Ha Yoon-gi also tormented Jeong Kwan-jang’s goal with 23 points and 8 rebounds.

Moon Jung-hyun, who was selected first overall in the rookie draft before the start of this season, also showed off his skills by posting 18 points and 9 rebounds. 카지노사이트존

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