Seoul Metropolitan Government Yoon Ye-jin and Kwon Ji-na attack to defeat Samcheok City Hall

The Seoul Metropolitan Government moved into third place after defeating Samcheok City Hall of the Shield Corps, led by Yoon Ye-jin and Lee Kwon-na.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government defeated Samcheok City Hall 33-27 on Tuesday in the fourth game of the second round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

With its second straight win, Seoul Metropolitan Government moved up to third place with seven wins, one draw and three losses and 15 points, while Samcheok City Hall dropped to fourth place with six wins, one draw and four losses and 13 points.

The offensive Seoul Metropolitan Government and the defensive Samcheok City Hall are compared to a spear and a shield, and the sharp spear of Seoul Metropolitan Government pierced the shield of Samcheok City Hall. In the first round, the teams played to a 34-34 draw.

In the first half, Seoul Metropolitan Government attacked the middle of Samcheok City Hall, which raised its defense in preparation for mid-range shots. They started off with a three-point lead while utilizing the pivot Joaram.

Samcheok City Hall, which tried to catch up by scoring late, fell behind by two or three points. Samcheok City Hall shook the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s defense with attacks using the wings.

As Samcheok City Hall’s defense came alive, Seoul Metropolitan Government struggled and fell behind 11-10, but Yoon Ye-jin’s attack came alive and widened the gap again, making it 14-11. A combination of saves and mistakes by Samcheok City Hall goalkeeper Park Sae-young kept the score at 14-13 in favor of Seoul City Hall.

Samcheok City Hall took control at the start of the second half. Seoul Metropolitan Government made a series of mistakes at the start and fell behind 14-16. However, Seoul City scored four goals in a row, led by Yoon Ye-jin, to regain the lead at 18-16.

Seoul Metropolitan Government started to penetrate Samcheok City Hall’s defense with mid-range shots by introducing Kwon Won-na, and took advantage of the chaos of both teams’ simultaneous two-minute ejections to take a 23-19 lead.

Mistakes once again caught up with Seoul City Hall, this time cutting the deficit to 24-23, before a mid-range jumper by Kim Won-na made it 29-24. Samcheok City Hall was 안전놀이터 unable to close the gap as they failed to block Kwon’s shots. In the end, Seoul Metropolitan Government won 33-27.

Seoul Metropolitan Government led the offense with eight goals apiece from Yoon Ye-jin and Kim Won-na, while goalkeeper Jung Jin-hee made 11 saves.

Samcheok City led the offense with seven goals from Choi Soo-ji and six from Kim So-yeon, while goalkeeper Park Sae-young made 18 saves.

Yoon Ye-jin of Seoul Metropolitan Government, who was named MVP of the match, said, “I’m so grateful and happy that we won because we worked hard together.” “Happy New Year and please continue to support Seoul Metropolitan Government,” she added.

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