Lee Ri-young and Heo Yun-seo, World Championship Artistic Swimming Duet

Lee Ri-young and Heo Yun-seo, World Championship Artistic Swimming Duet Freedo Top 10

Duet technical also ranked 10th… Korea’s highest performance since the duet category was separated in 2007

Lee Ri-young (23, Busan Swimming Federation) and Heo Yun-seo (18, Apgujeong High School) also entered the top 10 in the women’s artistic swimming duet free at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships. 온라인카지노

Lee Ri-young and Heo Yun-seo received 213.5979 points (art score 77.7000 points + performance score 135.8979 points) in the artistic swimming women’s duet free final held at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on the 8th, placing 10th out of 12 teams.

Lee Ri-young and Heo Yoon-seo, who placed 10th out of 38 teams in the previous day’s preliminary round and advanced to the finals, maintained their 10th place in the finals.

The two also took 10th place in the duet technical final on the 5th.

Since 2007, the women’s duet competition in artistic swimming at the World Aquatics Championships has been divided into two competitions: technical and free.

The technical is an event that evaluates the performance elements that must be performed,

while the free can be performed freely.

Lee Ri-young and Heo Yun-seo became the first Korean athletes to advance to the finals of the World Championships duet free.

Naturally, the 10th place achieved on this day is the best result ever in Korean Artistic Swimming Duet Free.

In the duet technical, Lee Ri-young and Heo Yoon-seo achieved Korea’s best performance (10th place) in this event,

exceeding the 12th place they achieved in Budapest in 2022.

Broadening the view to the entire duet event, the 9th place of Yunami and Jang Yun-kyung at the 1998 Perth Games,

which were held as a single event, and the 9th place of Jang Yun-kyung and Kim Min-jeong at the 2001 Fukuoka Games were the highest ever results achieved by a Korean artistic swimming duet.

Heo Yun-seo, who ranked 6th in the solo free free at last year’s Fukuoka World Championships, and Lee Ri-young,

who ranked 9th in the solo technical, did not compete in the solo event at the Doha Games to focus on qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

Solo competition is not an official Olympic event.

Lee Ri-young and Heo Yoon-seo, who finished the duet schedule and only had a gala show left,

are waiting for the ‘results of distribution of qualifications for the Paris Olympics’.

18 teams will participate in the artistic swimming duet competition at the Paris Olympics.

The 10 countries that qualified for the team event and the 5 teams that won the continental championship will receive the right to participate first,

and the remaining 3 tickets will be distributed according to the results of the Doha World Championships.

Korean artistic swimming’s bid to participate in the Olympic team event has already been thwarted.

As the schedule for the team event at the Doha World Championships has not yet been completed,

the countries that have qualified for the team event at the Paris Olympics have not been completely identified.

Since the sisters Park Hyun-sun and Park Hyun-ha at the 2012 London Games,

no Korean artistic swimmer has competed in the Olympic finals.

Depending on the luck of Lee Ri-young and Heo Yun-seo,

who entered the top 10 in both the duet technical and free,

Korean artistic swimming could be on the Olympic stage for the first time in 12 years.

In the women’s duet free final that day, Chinese twin sisters Wang Liuyi and Wang Chenyi took first place with 250.7729 points.

The two won two gold medals in the competition by winning the duet technical and freestyle.

Dutch twin sisters Bregje Debrower and Nordje Debrower took second place with 250.4979 points,

and Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe (Great Britain) took third place with 247.2626 points.

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