Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ Sumire Suffers a Disappointing Loss

Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ Sumire Suffers a Disappointing Loss in her Debut Match in Korea

Sawpalcosanol lost to 9th dan Lee Chang-seok by default in the first match of the finals,

“I lost, but the match was good… This year’s goal is to reach second place in the women’s field.”

Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ Sumire Nakamura (15), 3rd dan, who transferred to Korea Baduk,

unfortunately lost in his domestic debut.

Nakamura 3-dan lost to 9-dan Lee Chang-seok in 220 moves in the 4th game of the first round of the 5th Sawalcosanol Best Knight Final held at K Baduk Studio in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 3rd.

On this day, Nakamura built up his forces instead of allowing for practical benefits in the early stages, but the situation started at a disadvantage. 카지노사이트위키

After the mid-game, he fiercely attacked Baek Dae-ma,

but was unable to land a decisive blow and was unable to make up for his lack of practical skills.

After the match, Nakamura said, “I was very nervous today,” and added,

“I lost, but the match was good, so I have no regrets.”

He also said, “There is no Fischer method in Japan, so I think I need to practice more,” and expressed his ambition,

“I think my skills are about 15th in the Korean women’s ranking right now,

but I want to raise my ranking to 2nd by the end of the year.”

Nakamura’s first opponent, 9th dan Lee Chang-seok, said, “I played baduk today and Sumire was not an easy player in terms of skill,” and encouraged him,

“I am very welcome to come to Korea, and I hope that he will grow a lot by playing with many strong players.”

Nakamura, who joined Nippon Kiwon at the age of 10 through a special selection for gifted talent in April 2019,

on the 26th Women’s Tournament in February 2023,

setting a record for the youngest title in Nippon Kiwon’s history.

However, in August of last year, Nakamura made a surprise request to transfer to the Korea Foundation as a guest engineer, drawing attention in both Korea and Japan.

Nakamura, who began his activities in earnest this month after receiving approval from the Korean Association of Fighters,

received a seed from a sponsor and joined the Sawpalcosanol Best Knight Final, in which 9 top knights participated.

Sumire Nakamura stated his goal, saying, “I hope I can get just one win in the Sawfalcosanol competition.”

On the 11th, Nakamura will play his second match in the Sawpalcosanol finals against his idol, 9th Dan Park Jeong-hwan.

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