Mohegan Inspire offers cutting-edge digital media entertainment experience

A digital show featuring sea life is displayed at Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort's Aurora, a 150-meter-long immersive digital entertainment street with giant LED screens, on Incheon's Yeongjong Island.  Courtesy of Inspire Entertainment Resort

INCHEON — “It’s coming, the giant pink whale will appear in just a minute,” a young woman said to her child, pointing at the immersive digital entertainment street at Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon.Next to her were hundreds of visitors who flocked to “Aurora,” the 150-meter-long, 25-meter-high ultra-high-definition LED screens that run from the entrance of the mega resort, who also came to watch the digital art show presented every 90 minutes.As the clock struck 4 p.m., images of bricks collapsed and seawater rushed in, bringing vivid sea life scenes to the LED screen that stretches along the ceiling and walls. Visitors holding their camera phones gasped and burst into cheers as a giant pink whale swam across the ceiling.The mega resort, which quickly became a social media sensation since the resort’s grand opening in March, also presents a unique digital entertainment experience: space travel.

This month, the resort launched “Le Space,” the largest media art exhibition hall in the country in collaboration with Hyundai Futurenet, the producer of the renowned whale show and the digital exhibition venue Arte Museum.Under the theme “Beyond the Cosmos,” the exhibition navigates around a story of a wormhole being discovered on Yeongjong Island. The 6,142-square-meter venue featuring 18 exhibition spaces takes viewers on an immersive digital journey to outer space and a parallel universe. “Le Space was built without pillars and high ceilings to enable beaming of projects on all six sides — up and down, front and back, left and right sides — of the exhibition space,” Oh Tae-yoon, the chief of the exhibition project, explained regarding the two-year project.“Unlike existing media art exhibition halls, we used the entire space, including the ceiling, as a medium to maximize the immersive experience,” he said. The venue will present a new media art every two to three years, he added.Notably, the exhibition hall features interactive technologies such as touch and motion recognition and sound detection to maximize the immersive experience. Also, the art space is operated through a reservation system to prevent overcrowding and maintain the quality 카지노사이트 of visitors’ exhibition experience.

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