On the day the ‘Boston legend’ grandfather visited Fenway Park

For Mike Yastrzemski (33), a teammate of Jeong-hoo Lee (25, San Francisco Giants), the Boston Red Sox are a special team. That’s because his ‘grandfather’ is one of the best players in Boston history.

Mike’s grandfather is Carl Yastrzemski. He played exclusively for Boston for 23 years, from 1961 to 1983, hitting .285 with a career batting average of 452 home runs and 1,844 RBIs. He joins Brooks Robinson (Baltimore) as the longest-retired player with one team, and was the last major league batting Triple Crown winner (1967) until Miguel Cabrera achieved it in 2012. He is Boston’s franchise star, succeeding Ted Williams, and his number 8 has been retired. There is a statue honoring him in front of Fenway Park.

Mike met his grandfather who visited the stadium ahead of the final game of the three-game away series against Boston held at Fenway Park on the 3rd. According to the Associated Press, Mike took his grandfather to the clubhouse that day and introduced him to his teammates.

It was coach Bob Melvin, not the players, who was most excited to see Grandfather Carl, the legend of legends. Although Melvin never had the opportunity to play with Cal since his 1985 debut, he grew up watching Cal play as a child. He also played for Boston in 1993, albeit for one season. After meeting Carl, Director Melvin said, “I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. “There are great days while playing baseball, and today is one of those moments,” he said, unable to hide his joy.

On the day his grandfather came to the stadium, Mike hit a go-ahead home run in the top of the third inning. It was his second home run at Fenway Park in five years, following his major league debut on September 18, 2019. However, Carl left the stadium before the game and was unable to see Mike’s home run in person. Mike said, “If I call and ask a question, I will answer it, but I don’t force anything or suggest anything. “I always advise, ‘If in doubt, consult with your hitting coach,’” he said, expressing his gratitude.

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