Park Hye-jung and Park Joo-hyo, ‘practical training in preparation for the Olympics’ at the Korea Weightlifting Association Cup

‘Calm down, Hyejeong’

Park Hye-jeong (21, Goyang City Hall), a strong medal candidate for the Paris Olympics, and ‘dark horse’ Park Joo-hyo (26, Goyang City Hall) will confirm their training results by participating in the Korea Weightlifting Federation President’s Cup National Weightlifting Competition. .

The Korea Weightlifting Federation said on the 9th, “The 2nd Korea Weightlifting Federation President’s Cup National Weightlifting Competition will be held at Yongha Gymnasium in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do from the 10th to the 16th.” “It will be operated in 10 weight classes in 5 categories, and approximately 250 athletes will participate,” he said. 슬롯사이트

Among the five people who have secured qualifications for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Park Hye-jung and Park Joo-hyo have submitted applications to participate in this competition.

Park Hye-jung, who will compete in the 81kg and over weight category at the Paris Olympics, will compete in the 87kg and over weight category in this President’s Cup.

Park Hye-jung is recognized by the world weightlifting industry as a ‘strong candidate for a silver medal.’

In the women’s heavyweight division, the strongest player, Li Wen-wen (China), is holding on, but other than Li Wen-wen, there is no athlete who can threaten Park Hye-jeong.

Park Hye-jung set a new Korean record with a total weight of 296 kg at the 2024 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Cup, taking second place after Lee Won-won (total weight of 325 kg), and also took second place in the Paris Olympic rankings. 메이저사이트

Park Joo-hyo also competes in the men’s 73kg class, the ‘Olympic weight class’, in the Chairman’s Cup.

Park Joo-hyo qualified for the Olympics by ranking 5th in the Paris Olympics.

Only one person from each country can participate in the same weight class at the Paris Olympic weightlifting, and two of the four athletes ranked ahead of Park Joo-hyo are Indonesian, so Park Joo-hyo’s actual ranking is ‘4th’.

Kim Soo-hyun (29, Busan Metropolitan City Sports Council) in the women’s 81kg class, Yoo Dong-ju (30, Jinan County Office) in the men’s 89kg class, and Jang Yeon-hak (27, Asan City Hall) in the 102kg class who are competing in the Paris Olympics will not participate in this President’s Cup.

Although they did not qualify for the Olympics, women’s Shin Jae-kyung (Pyeongtaek City Hall), Han Jian (Daejeon Metropolitan City Sports Council), Moon Min-hee (Hite Jinro), and Kim I-seul (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall), who participated as national representatives in major international competitions, will also participate in this President’s Cup. 토토사이트 순위

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