Yeo Oh-hyun, Please Support My Life as a Leader

‘Phoenix’ Yeo Oh-hyun’s new start “Please support my life as a leader”

After being on the court for 20 seasons, the player retires.

A new start as a coach at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the women’s division.

Yeo Oh-hyeon (45), head coach of IBK Industrial Bank, who went from being the most senior professional volleyball player in the men’s division to a new leader in the women’s division, expressed his strong determination to instill ‘passion DNA’ in the players.

On the 8th (Korean time), Coach Yeo Oh-hyun met with a joint press team at the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the 2024 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) women’s foreign player tryout was held, and said, “(Although it is the first time in the women’s division), volleyball is played by the same players,” Kim Ho-cheol said. 파워볼사이트

(IBK Industrial Bank of Korea) The coach said, “When I was a player, I wanted to be a fighting and passionate player.

“I will help the players do the same,” he said.

Coach Yeo Oh-hyeon, born in 1978, was the ‘phoenix’ of the volleyball world, having played as a libero player for 20 seasons from 2005, the first year of professional volleyball, to the 2023-2024 season.

He was the most prolific player in history during this period.

He played 625 games and ranked first in receiving accuracy (8,005) and first in dig success (5,219).

Last season, Coach Yeo wore the Hyundai Capital uniform and played 22 games as a playing coach with juniors about 20 years younger than her.

Coach Yeo, who completed the ’45-Year-Old Project’ to remain an active athlete until the age of 45, ended her long career as an athlete last month and began a new life.

Yeo Oh-hyun took his first steps as a professional coach at the women’s volleyball IBK Industrial Bank after receiving a request from his teacher, coach Kim Ho-cheol.

Coach Yeo Oh-hyun said, “I am proud of the fact that I played without a single season without a break more than the title of being 45 years old and playing in 600 games.”

He added, “(When I received the offer from coach Kim Ho-cheol), I was more afraid than grateful, but the coach said I could do well.

Coach Yeo also expressed her gratitude to the fans who have supported her for 20 years.

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