‘Challenge and encouragement’ are the reasons why CheongdamW is growing

Cheongdam W 텍사스홀덤 thrives on challenge and encouragement.

Cheongdam W lost 16-18 against Asan Samseong in Group A, Round 1 of the U16 Division of the 2023 WKBL Women’s Basketball Club League at Chang’an University Gymnasium on April 24. The team tried to catch up midway through the second quarter, but ran out of time.

Cheongdam W was heavily outplayed by Asan Samseong in the first quarter. With five players on the bench, the team suffered multiple turnovers against Asan Samseong’s aggressive offense. They were in a situation where they could easily lose heavily.

However, Cheongdam W had no intention of backing down. The players were not intimidated by the large score difference. They were thinking about the next play to score and were not afraid to fail.

The coaching staff kept them motivated with constant encouragement. They were never loud during the game. Instead of criticizing players, they instructed them on the next play. They didn’t forget to praise players who made good plays.

Cheongdam W players reciprocated the coaching staff’s encouragement. After getting the defensive rebound, they immediately started the fast break. With two simple passes, they created a series of perfect fastbreak opportunities. The double-digit lead was quickly reduced to two points.

Grabbing a rebound, running into the opponent’s court, and finishing a pass perfectly is something you don’t often see in club basketball. It showed that every player had a clear understanding of their role.

Unfortunately, Cheongdam W ran out of time. They drove to tie the game with three seconds left in regulation, but the game-ending buzzer sounded before they could get a final shot off.

However, the players and coaching staff did not let their heads drop. There was only encouraging applause and a sense that they could win the next game. You could feel their growth.

The result was a 20-0 victory in their second game against Hana OneQ. After losing their first game, they finished the first round at the top of Group A with a goal difference advantage.

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