Durant ‘fires back’ at “NBA is a checkers game, Euroleague is a chess game” claim: “Fuck off!”

American basketball fans are outraged after the United States failed to win a bronze medal at the FIBA World Cup.

Some fans have criticized the NBA 안전카지노사이트 for being easier than the Euroleague.

Kyle Hines, who currently plays in the Euroleague, posted on social media that “the NBA is like a game of checkers and the Euroleague is like a game of chess”.

A chess game is known to be more complex than a game of checkers, so Hines was saying that the Euroleague is a higher level than the NBA.

A fan shared Heinz’s post and claimed that “Joel Embiid wouldn’t average 30 points if he played in the Euroleague”. Embiid averaged 33.1 points in the NBA in the 2022-2023 season.

Kevin Durant strongly disputed the claim. “Fuck off, you guys are crazy,” he commented.

The fan responded, “The NBA is set up for players to score. NBA players don’t play defense.”

“We’re working hard to be different,” Durant dismissed.

The fan didn’t lose either, pointing out that “the NBA is more popular and the players make more money, but that doesn’t mean it’s more competitive and stronger.”

Durant did, however, advise him to make sure to get the Euroleague TV package.

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