Consumer Resources “Shock absorbing mats not installed in indoor artificial rock closet”

Korea’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Trade (KCTT) surveyed 25 indoor artificial rock climbing facilities (bouldering) across the country and found that the installation of floor mats to absorb the impact of falls is insufficient and needs to be improved, the agency said on Nov. 19.The Act on the Installation and Use of Physical Education Facilities stipulates that mats must be installed on the falling surface, but there are no specific standards such as the width of the mat.

However, the European Union (EU) stipulates specific safety requirements such as the width and installation location of fall mats.24 out of 25 facilities inspected by Consumer Reports did not meet the standard for the width of the mats on the front or side of the fall surface.The EU requires mats to be at least 2.5 meters wide on the front and 1.5 meters wide on the side if the climbing wall is more than 3 meters high.

However, 22 of the 25 facilities had some mats less than 2.5 meters wide at the front, and 24 had mats less than 1.5 meters wide at the sides or none at all.The European Union also requires that mats be installed close to the climbing wall, connected without gaps, and covered with a cover, but in 11 cases, there were gaps between the climbing 온라인카지노 wall and the mat, creating a safety hazard in the event of a fall.

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