KBO Defensive Award Nominees Announced, Reflecting Manager, Coach, and General Manager Votes

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has announced the nominees for this season’s KBO Defensive Player of the Year Award and how it will be selected.The KBO announced the list of 108 pitchers, 14 catchers, four first basemen, 10 second basemen, nine third basemen, nine shortstops, five left fielders, nine center fielders, and seven right fielders for the award on Monday.

Pitchers who have pitched 48 or more innings in ⅓ of their team’s games (144), catchers who have played in 72 or more games, and infielders and outfielders who have played 720 or more innings of defense at their respective positions have all been nominated, significantly increasing the “number of candidates.

Unlike the Golden Glove, which recognizes three outfielders, the KBO Defensive Award recognizes center field, right field, and left field separately, making the center field position a hotly contested one with the KBO League’s hustle players Park Hae-min (LG Twins) and Jung Soo-bin (Doosan Bears).The KBO Defensive Award will be presented to nine players, one from each position, for the most outstanding defensive performance in the regular season.

The winners are determined by a combination of 75 percent of voting points and 25 percent of defensive record points.There are 110 voters, 11 per club, including the manager, nine coaches, and one general manager. Voters cannot vote for their own players.Defensive records are scored in collaboration with the KBO’s official scorer, Sports2eye.

The official record scores, which are quantified by fielding percentage and range factor weighted by fielding range, are common to all positions, while adjusted KUZR (KBO Ultimate Zone Rating) scores, which account for batted balls and grounders for pitchers, stolen bases and blocked balls for catchers, and unearned runs and errors for infielders and outfielders, are also included in the evaluation data.The winner of the inaugural KBO Defense Award will be revealed at the KBO Awards Ceremony in late November. The winner will receive a 바카라사이트 trophy and $2 million in prize money.

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