Korean Fathers Basketball Team Finishes as Runner-Up in International Urban Basketball Competition

The Korean Fathers Basketball Association finished as runner-up.

The Korean Fathers Basketball Association, led by Choi Jae-sik, 56, participated in the International City Basketball Tournament in Yiljo, China, from March 3-7. Im Ma-kwan (72, 180 cm), Park Jung-gil (69, 177 cm), Park Tae-geun (69, 175 cm), Jung Jae-kwon (69, 180 cm), Cho Dong-il (67, 176 cm), Yoon Jin-gu (67, 192 cm), Kim Sung-ho (67, 182 cm). Kim Ik-beom (66, 175 cm) competed for 카지노사이트 South Korea.

South Korea reached the finals after winning all of its group matches. Their final opponent was Nanjing City. South Korea focused on defense from the first quarter and held their opponent to just five points. However, they couldn’t break through their opponent’s defense and couldn’t score easily. In the second quarter, they tried to attack aggressively, but it didn’t work.

Nevertheless, the players did not give up and tried their best. Park Jung-gil led the way with eight points. However, they were unable to control their opponent’s height and lost 22-37.

Even though they lost the final, Korea showed their fighting spirit by not giving up until the end. That’s why they finished the tournament with a smile on their faces.

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