“Miami is a beautiful franchise,” says LeBron of his love for his hometown team in the face of defeat

LeBron showed his love for his hometown team, Miami.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 107-108 against the Miami Heat in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at the Amway Center in Miami, Florida, U.S., on Sunday. The loss was the second straight for the 텍사스홀덤 Lakers.

It was a frustrating loss for the Lakers. The Lakers were down by double digits midway through the game, but LeBron James’ performance in the fourth quarter helped them close the gap and win the game. Miami’s frequent mistakes and turnovers allowed the Lakers to capitalize. Trailing by one point, 107-108, with eight seconds left in regulation, James fed Cam Reddish in the corner after a breakaway, and Reddish’s shot on a no-mark three-point attempt missed, sending Thurman to defeat.

James is known for retreating to the locker room after games without shaking hands. But in Miami, it was different. Despite the loss, James greeted the Miami players and showed his affinity for them. He even greeted his former teammate Kevin Love.

James shocked the NBA world when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he was drafted by, to join Miami. In a move dubbed the “Decision Show,” the Miami legend left the Heat after winning two championships and two runner-up finishes with the team. He made history with president Pat Riley and head coach Erik Spoelstra.

Despite leaving the team after four years in Miami, James has continued to show his love for the city. When James met his hometown team in the NBA Finals with the Lakers in the 2019-2020 season, he spoke highly of Miami and praised Spoelstra and the team culture.

This time around, he was just as complimentary. “Miami’s team culture is the best in the NBA,” James said. It always makes me feel good to see Miami. The Miami franchise is beautiful,” he said.

Despite the one-point loss, James was pleased with his visit to Miami. The Lakers, who have lost two in a row, will look to end their losing streak on Sept. 9 when they travel to Houston.

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