Its a NBA Green Suspended for 5 Games

An unbelievable scene unfolded at the beginning of the 2023-2024 National Basketball Association (NBA) Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves regular league in-season tournament game held in San Francisco, USA on the 15th (Korean time).

Two minutes after the game started, players from both teams got into a fight.

First, Golden State’s Klay Thompson and Minnesota’s Jaden McDaniels collided in the middle of the court.  토토

It went beyond the level of physical fighting, including pulling on each other’s uniforms. 

Players from both teams flocked to separate them.

 Minnesota big man Rudy Gobert also tried to stop Thompson. 

But then Golden State’s Green ran from behind and put a headlock on Gobert.

The referee decided to send off Thompson, McDaniels, and Green.

As soon as the game ended, the NBA referee shared the process and reason for the decision to eject players through a report on their website.

Thompson and McDaniels were forced to leave the court after an emotional altercation began and they continued to fight instead of breaking up immediately. 

Each was assessed two technical fouls.

In addition, the referee explained that Green aggressively rushed at Gobert and put him in a headlock and did not let go

which was unnecessary and excessive and met the criteria for a Flagrant foul 2, which is equivalent to an immediate expulsion.

Gobert was not disciplined on the court. 

The referee explained that Gobert was only trying to stop the fight between Thompson and McDaniels, but rather acted as a peacemaker.

However, Gobert could not escape the disciplinary action announced by the NBA Secretariat on the 16th.

The NBA fined Thompson, McDaniels, and Gobert $25,000 each for their involvement in the fight.

Gobert revealed after the match that when Green put him in a headlock, he tried to shake his hand off to prevent the situation from escalating.

He did not receive any punishment during the match.

However, the NBA office included Gobert in posthumous disciplinary action.

Green, who committed incomprehensible behavior, was suspended for five games. The NBA Secretariat explained in an official statement that Green’s disciplinary action was a result of his unsportsmanlike behavior.

Just last week, in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Green was sent off after strongly protesting against a referee’s decision and getting into trouble with Donovan Mitchell, receiving two technical fouls.

According to regulations, Green does not receive an annual salary corresponding to the number of games he is suspended from. 

If you divide this season’s salary by the number 82, which is the number of games per team in the regular league, you will get the salary per game. 

Green ended up throwing $769,970 (about 1.0658 million won) into the air.

After the game, Golden State’s players defended their teammates’ actions, as they always do.

Manager Steve Kerr and Kevon Looney said they did not understand Thompson’s ejection.

Coach Kerr further said that the reason Green lunged was because Gobert’s hand was near Thompson’s neck.

He said it was an action to protect his colleagues.

After the game, Gobert delivered a calm yet cold-hearted scathing comment to Green.

Green says whenever Stephen Curry is out, he doesn’t even want to play, so he does whatever he can to get himself ejected.

It’s not that surprising,” he said.

Golden State’s star Curry missed the game against Minnesota. 

It was because of his knee injury. Of the last 10 games in which Green was ejected

seven were games in which Curry did not play due to injury or other reasons.

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