Its Switzerland Draws 1-1 With Israel in Neutral Match

Switzerland achieved a draw in the ‘neutral country away game’ against Israel

which is at war, and increased its chances of advancing to the finals of Euro 2024 (2024 European Football Championship).

Switzerland drew 1-1 with Israel in the 8th match of Group I of the Euro 2024 qualifiers held at the Pancho Arena in Pelzsud

Hungary on the 16th (Korean time). 토토사이트

Although this game is an Israeli home game, it was held in a neutral country due to the outbreak of war between Israel and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas.

Hungary, which has good relations with Israel

was chosen as the venue for the match, and the match between the two teams was held under tight security by the Hungarian military and police on guard against possible terrorism.

According to the Associated Press, the Pancho Arena, a small 3,500-seat stadium

is located just “a few steps” from the villa of pro-Israel Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

One resident said, “Everyone entering and leaving the village was checked.”

Israel’s 9th match of the Euro qualifiers against Romania on the 19th will also be played at the same venue as a neutral home game. 

The final 10th game on the 22nd will be held in Andorra as scheduled.

With the draw that day, Switzerland maintained the lead (16 points), and Israel was in third place (12 points).

Switzerland has a greater chance of winning a direct ticket to the finals, which is given to 1st and 2nd place in the group.

Israel, which has the potential to rise to second place depending on the results of the remaining two games

has secured a spot in the Euro 2024 Playoffs (PO) in the UEFA Nations League (UNL).

The second-place team from each group in the preliminary round of 10 groups will advance directly to the Euro finals

and among the teams that did not place in the top two of the group

teams with good performance in the UNL will seek to advance to the Euro finals through PO.

Switzerland took the lead in the 36th minute with Ruben Vargas’ header following Eddie Milson Fernand’s diagonal cross.

Israel tightened the chase and scored an equalizer in the 43rd minute of the second half.

When the Swiss defense was unable to properly clear a cross from the left and ended up in front of the goal

striker Sean Wiseman shot with his right foot without delay to bring the game back to square one.

Switzerland was outnumbered in the 49th minute of the second half when Fernands, who helped score the first goal

made a rough tackle and was immediately sent off with a red card.

However, they held on well for the remaining time and took one point.

Swiss captain and midfielder Granit Xhaka played full-time and broke Switzerland’s record for the most appearances in international matches.

Xhaka is the 119th player to play in international matches

surpassing the record for most appearances in this category (118) set by Heinz Hermann in 1991.

Xhaka, 31 this year, made his A match debut in a friendly match against England (2-2 draw) held at Wembley Stadium in England in June 2011

and has steadily served as a key resource for Switzerland since then.

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