Professional baseball will undergo a major change next season .The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has decided to introduce an ABS (Automatic Ball-Strike System), a pitch clock, and extra innings for the 2024 season. The pitch clock is a system that measures the intervals between pitches to shorten the length of games .The Major League Baseball (MLB) introduced this system in the 2023 season to dramatically reduce game time. Extra innings are used in international competitions, and many Korean players have already experienced them. The KBO will also introduce ABS. Also known as robotic umpiring, ABS is a system in which a machine calls the ball. Cameras installed in the stadium identify the trajectory of the ball and the point of impact in real time to determine the strike and ball, and then transmit the ball judgment to the umpire through a receiver and earphones, and the umpire listens to it and makes a decision .Expectations and concerns coexist around this technology .On the one hand, ABS has the potential to reduce strike calls and game time, and increase fairness. However, there are concerns that the system is imperfect and hasn’t been fully vetted .MLB has piloted ABS in the independent and minor leagues, but has been slow to roll out the system because it has been found to be lacking.

LG Twins outfielder Kim Hyun-soo, president of the Korean Professional Baseball Players Association, said after an awards ceremony organized by the players’ association at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on Jan. 1, “I’m worried about next season because too many things will change at once.” “There are a lot of signs in domestic professional baseball, and I’m worried about how the pitch clock will work,” he said. “The ABS may also make decisions that are difficult to understand, such as declaring a ball that can never be hit a strike.” “We will abide by the KBO’s decision, but if there is confusion and problems during the season, it will be too late,” he said. “I hope the KBO will quickly communicate the specifics of each system, such as the strike zone, to the players. “For now, the players plan to prepare for the new season as usual. “I don’t know the specifics of the new system,” said LG catcher Park Dong-won, “but even if ABS is introduced, I’m going to do things like framing (a technique where a catcher technically catches a ball and turns it into a strike) as before.” “Framing makes the pitchers feel good and encourages them to throw good pitches,” he added. When asked if the pitch clock will increase the price of good hitters, Jeong Soo-bin of the Doosan Bears, who led the league in stolen bases in 2023, said, “No one knows,” adding, “It remains to be seen how the new system will affect them. “LG’s Hong Chang-ki, the league’s top run-scoring hitter in 2023, had a similar opinion: 카지노사이트 “I think ABS is something you have to experience once.

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