Coach Ko Hee-jin, 15-0 against Pepper, not smiling despite 3 points “There are opponents who just lose”

“I don’t know any opponent who would just give up.”

Head coach Ko Hee-jin was not smiling after the victory and three points.

The team won their 온라인카지노 Dodram 2023-2024 V-League third round match against Pepper Savings Bank 3-1 in straight sets at Gwangju Pepper Stadium on Aug. 8. The win gave the team 20 points and fourth place in the standings, setting the stage for a comeback. They also maintained their unbeaten record against Pepper Savings Bank in 15 matches.

Jung Kwan-jang won the first set in a close match. A depleted Pepper Savings Bank seemed to collapse in the second set. However, due to the large score difference, the players allowed Metallurgy to catch up and eventually suffered a shocking loss in the second set. However, in the third set, they regained their focus and won the next two sets.

Coach Ko was more frustrated than happy after the match. “We need the points now. It’s good to get three points. But we can’t have this kind of concentration right now,” he emphasized.

“We need to communicate with the players and fix the things that are being pointed out to us. When we play, we see players coming and going. We’ll fix it. I think we should go in the direction of winning points and improving our performance.”

When asked about the two-set defeat, Ko said, “We won the first set, and the second set was close, but I think the players got complacent and thought, ‘I’m going to win. ‘ There are opponents who just give away points, and when you give away one or two points, they catch up, and that’s when you get anxious. I keep telling my players. We have to break that bad habit,” he explained.

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