Trinzi on not playing Park after injury substitution “I would have played if you told me to play…”

“Park, if I asked you to play, you could have played…”

Pepper Savings Bank 바카라사이트 head coach Joe Trinzi explained Park Jung-ah’s injury and why he didn’t play.

Pepper Savings Bank lost its third-round home game against Jeong Kwan-jang of the Dodram 2023-2024 V League 1-0 at Gwangju Pepper Stadium on Aug. 8. The defeat was the team’s seventh straight loss of the season and its 15th loss against Jeong Kwanjang since its inception.

Pepper Savings Bank dropped the first set due to poor reception and offense from main hitter Park Jung-ah. In the middle of the second set, Park injured her right shoulder when she collided with a teammate and hit the ball. It didn’t seem to be a major injury, but Park was unable to play afterward. Pepper Savings Bank fought hard to take the second set, but they were unable to fill Park’s gap and dropped the third and fourth sets in a row. Park Eun-seo, who came in for Park, tried her best, but the team was 2% short in both offense and defense.

“There were some good things, but there were more things we need to work on,” Coach Trinzi said after the match.

As for Park’s condition, he said, “We don’t know exactly yet. “If I asked her to play, she would have said she could play, but we decided not to put her in because it would have put more pressure on her shoulder,” he said. Park focused on strengthening her shoulder with a band throughout the match.

When asked about Park’s reception anxiety in the first set, Trinzi said, “Serve and serve-receive is the biggest problem for our team this season.”

“It was a good performance, but she needs to be more stable in her reception,” he said of Park, who finished with nine points.

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