Kim Hye-sung is trying to make it to the US

Kim Hye-sung of Kiwoom Heroes is trying to make it to the US Major League Baseball.

The team has decided to support her efforts. How she farms this season will determine whether she makes it to the big leagues.

On the 16th, Kiwoom officially announced that they have accepted Kim Hye-sung’s request to play in the United States. Kim, who has played six full-time seasons since her debut, will be eligible to apply for the post if she finishes this season well.

Kim Hye-sung has a good example. One year her senior is Lee Jung-hoo. Declaring his intentions to play in the big leagues ahead of the 2023 season, Lee signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants through the postseason posting process. 카지노사이트 It’s a strategy of preparing for the big leagues one day at a time and perfecting your game.

Kim expressed her desire to play in the major leagues in public after the end of last season.

She also talked about wanting to change her position to shortstop to increase her value as a player. On the 16th, she met with manager Ko Hyung-wook to officially convey her intentions, and there is virtually no reason to stop her.

He’s motivated. Kim said, “The challenge of the big stage itself is meaningful to me. With the support of the team, I want to prepare hard for the rest of the season and achieve good results. I will do my best in everything as I always do,” she said.

If Kim Hye-sung makes it to the major leagues, Kiwoom can truly continue its reputation as a “Major League Baseball Academy. With Kang Jeong-ho, Park Byung-ho, Kim Ha-seong, and Lee Jung-hoo, the organization has earned a whopping $42.15 million (approximately 5.65 billion won) in posting compensation. Kim Hye-sung is also dreaming of earning a huge amount of money with her own team, Kiwoom.

So, what are her chances of making it to the major leagues at this point?

Kim is an above-average player who can hit, play defense, and run the bases. It”s not easy to win a Golden Glove in both shortstop and second base. He’s still young. There’s a lot of room for improvement. He won a gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

However, this also means that it”s ambiguous. In order to play in a foreign league, a player must have something special to offer. Lee Jung-hoo, for example, has a great bat. San Francisco invested heavily in him because they were confident that he would be able to hit American pitchers’ fastballs. Kim Hae-sung is an infielder with tremendous punch.

Kim is a good all-around player, but he doesn’t really have a specialty. He makes good contact, but lacks power. You can’t expect much in the way of home runs. She needs to have the power to hit major league fastballs out of the infield. He needs to have the quality of at-bats to tempt major league officials.

His defense is spectacular. But at shortstop, 카지노사이트 순위 he showed signs of insecurity. That’s why Kiermaier moved him to second base. To be a contender at second base, you need to be able to hit. At the end of the day, the key is to erase the question marks about whether he’s only good enough for the KBO and whether he’ll have a chance in the major leagues.

However, he does have a definite strength at the plate. If a team is looking for an infield multi-role player who can run the bases well, rather than a surefire triple threat, he could have a shot at the major leagues.

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