“We can’t pay him to come here.”

“We can’t pay him to come here.

No matter how much money a high-profile manager asks for, you can’t afford to spend outrageously. This is because while the frontline (i.e. the manager) dreams of the ideal, the front office behind the scenes has to be realistic.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Enze Postecoglou wants to bring in a player who has shown his colors in his first season in charge and is performing beyond expectations. However, the club won’t spend the money to sign him. They believe the market price is too high. Postecoglou’s ‘favorite’ and the player who has the Tottenham front office in a quandary. It is Chelsea midfielder Connor Gallagher, 24.

TBR Football reported on Aug. 28 (KST) that “Tottenham are unwilling to pay £50 million for Gallagher, who Postecoglou desperately wants to sign. Postecoglou has led Spurs to Champions League contention this season. It’s not a done deal yet, 스포츠토토 but a top-four finish is still possible. The quality of the team has definitely improved.

That“s why, in the summer transfer window, Spurs will be eager to fulfill Postecoglou”s requests. However, they can”t just give in to every request. If you think the market price is too high, it”s better not to push too hard.

This is the case with Chelsea”s star player, Gallagher.

As TBRFootball explains, “Tottenham are financially prepared and willing to give Postecoglou a lot of support in the summer transfer window. Postecoglou plans to use this to improve the depth of his squad,” while noting that ”most fans are hoping for an improvement in the midfield area.

Gallagher is at the top of the list in this regard. He’s a huge favorite of Postecoglou. He’s also a big fan of Tottenham’s rivals, Chelsea. Gallagher wants to leave Chelsea in the summer transfer window. He”s looking for a change of scenery. Chelsea want to sell Gallagher for as much as possible. There”s also the problem that they have to sell him before June 30 in order to keep the club profitable and in compliance with the PSR rules. It’s a perfect situation for Tottenham to make a move.

However, Spurs are in no rush. They believe that the current bidding for Gallagher, led by Chelsea, is too high. According to Sportscasting’s Dean Jones, 무료 슬롯 “Spurs are not going to spend £50 million to sign Gallagher. They’ve decided that spending £50 million on Gallagher is inefficient. The money could be better spent elsewhere.

In conclusion, unless Gallagher’s price tag drops below £40 million, it’s unlikely that Tottenham will be the first club to make a move. Tottenham are looking at the market soberly.

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