KIA Really Wants to Know, Will Send Official Letter to KBO

Kia does not understand the controversial call. The Kia will send a letter to the KBO asking for clarification on the controversial three-pitch call against SSG in Gwangju on Tuesday. It’s not a request to overturn the call, as it’s in the past. Kia just wants an explanation.

Kia lost 2-4 against SSG at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on Tuesday, a game that came from behind. A loss is a loss, but there was something about the eighth-inning comeback that didn’t make sense to Kia. The question was whether Heredia violated the three-pitch rule.

Kia tied the game in the eighth inning with a 2-1 lead when Park Sung-han hit a double to left-center field. He then walked Choi Jung to put runners on first and second. The controversial play came next. Jeon and Heredia battled back and forth, and Heredia took nine pitches. The ball hit the pitcher, Jeon Sang-hyun.

Despite the pain, Jeon caught the ball and threw it to first base. However, because he was in a rush to throw the ball in an uncomfortable position, his throw was weak and went to first base, allowing Heredia to score from first. The bases were loaded. The trainer and pitching coach turned to Jeon Sang-hyun while he complained of pain, and Kia manager Lee Bum-ho protested to the umpires. Heredia crossed the third base line and didn’t run.

In the slow motion video, Heredia was running on the grass from the start and didn’t find his footing until he reached first base. The three-foot line rule was violated. Lee asked the umpires, “Can you video review the out-safe call and the three-foot line violation at the same time?” The umpires said yes.

With the question now out of the umpires’ hands, the review center ruled that the play was safe and legal. Heredia’s run didn’t interfere with the throw, and the bases were loaded, and two batters later, Lee Ji-young singled to send the game to SSG. If Heredia had been 안전놀이터 thrown out at third base, the inning could have ended with a 2-2 count.

The Kia team doesn’t understand the situation. “We’re not asking for a replay,” a Kia club official said. They made it clear that they weren’t trying to benefit from any reversal, as the situation had already passed. Instead, they explained, “We want a clear rationale as to why this is not a violation of the three-peat line, and we will send a letter to the KBO as soon as we have a clearer explanation.” They want to know why it is not a violation of the three-peat rule. It’s a request for clarification.

The Srift violation has always been controversial. There is room for arbitrary interpretation. The interpretation center may have decided that Heredia ran inside but did not interfere much with Jeon’s delivery itself. However, Kia might have had a different opinion. While it might not have been a problem if the pitch had been thrown from the mound to first base, the location of Jeon’s throw was halfway between the mound and home plate, which could be considered an obstruction. There were quite a few calls where Kia was penalized for three pitches. It could be argued that the pileup exploded.

The conclusion of the Kia Q&A will be broadcast to the rest of the teams, and it could be a very important question as it will confirm the KBO’s clarification of the three-peat rule. The letter is expected to be sent out as early as the night of the 10th and as late as the 11th, and we’ll see how the KBO responds.

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