Unconvinced KIA backlash “KBO sends letter requesting explanation of rationale”

“Explain your rationale”.

The Kia Tigers have sent a letter to the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) asking for clarification after they disagreed with an opponent’s three-peat violation during a game. The Tigers were not satisfied with the umpires’ judgment of the play and decided to fight back. The long-simmering three-peat controversy is set to resurface.

The situation occurred during the Gwangju-Kia 2024 Baseball World Series match against SSG Landers at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on Tuesday. With KIA leading 2-1, SSG counterattacked in the top of the eighth inning. With the bases loaded and one out, Park Sung-hwan hit a tying double to left-center field, followed by Choi Jung-jeong’s walk to put runners on first and second.

Heredia’s hard hit ball hit the right leg of pitcher Jeon Sang-hyun and bounced forward. Jeon limped over to catch the ball and made a strong throw to first base. However, the ball was out of bounds, and the runner took first base and was ruled safe. Heredia was shown on the replay screen running on the grass inside the fairway.

Immediately after the call was made, Kia manager Lee Bum-ho took to the field and asked the umpires for a video review of two situations. The first was an appeal that “Heredia ran on the grass inside the fairway, so it was a three-speed violation.” The second was a request for a review of the out at first base.

The umpires agreed and ran the video review, which upheld the safe call at first base. The runner took first base despite the slow screen. The umpires also gestured that there was no infraction, no three-peat. The game continued, and SSG scored two runs with the bases loaded on Lee Ji-young’s single to shortstop to win 4-2.

After the game, Kia’s public relations team said, “We appealed the part of the play where Heredia ran into the grass immediately after the pitcher’s hard-hit ball. We 메이저토토사이트 requested two video reviews, one for a three-peat violation and the other for an out, and the umpires agreed. The out was ruled safe, and Heredia’s run was not interfered with by the defense,” said the umpires.

“The club will send a letter to the KBO. We are not asking for the play to be replayed as an out due to a three-peat violation, but we are asking for clarification on why this was not a three-peat violation.” The organization added that it will send a letter either later tonight or on the morning of the 11th.

The three-peat violation has been controversial for years. It has ranged from an unconditional ban on running inside the fairway to umpire discretion. On this day, it was clear that Heredia was running inside. The umpires didn’t think it interfered with the defense, and the club didn’t understand. They asked the KBO to clarify the call.

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