The defense of the compensation rights was also disappointing

One moment of choice, one moment of result can change many things. The result of one game changes, the team atmosphere changes depending on the result of the game, and the entire season goes back and forth based on that one win and one loss.

It was a very disappointing loss for Kiwoom Heroes. There may have been no guarantee of winning if overtime continued, but it was still a disappointing game.

Match against KT Wiz on the 3rd. Song Seong-moon’s home run in the 7th inning tied the score at 1-1. The overtime match followed. However, this is because Rojas hit a pointless walk-off hit in the bottom of the 10th inning. The record was a hit, but it was a mistake. Right fielder Sang-kwon Sang made a mistake in judging the hit. The batted ball extended further than expected. It was a batted ball that he could have caught if he had played backwards from the start.

Although Sang-kwon Byeon has good batting qualities, he was evaluated as weak in defense. Since he has been playing in first-team games recently, he may have been less able to adapt to the hits hit by players like Rojas. He couldn’t raise his head after the game, but he was able to. He was a difficult hitter.

The right to compensation was disappointing, but the battery battle also left me feeling uneasy. Kim Dong-hyuk, who came up in the 10th inning and had no control at all. With bases loaded and 2 outs, he even caught 2S against Rojas. Rojas is an aggressive hitter. When he got his second strike, he threw a ball that fell and resulted in a big miss.

There was room in the count. Catcher Kim Jae-hyeon sat on the outside. However, Donghyuk Kim’s changeup flew into an ambiguous position. It didn’t fall off or fall off. So, the ball caught the bat of Rojas, who was concentrating only on contact and not putting any effort into it.

What would it have been like to clearly entice the team with one or two more falling balls, or to show a quick outside fastball and then dazzle the eye with an off-speed ball? Kim Jae-hyun also seemed intent on guiding the ball to a similar course as the second outside pitch, but if he had known that Kim Dong-hyuk’s control was shaky, it would have been better to ask for a ball that falls clearly rather than an ambiguous course. Of course, the primary responsibility is the pitcher. No matter how good a catcher’s lead is, it’s useless if the pitcher can’t match it. Even if he has a good ball, it is difficult to survive in the first team if he does not control the ball.

It’s all about the outcome, but it was very painful for Kiwoom. Last weekend, they had a chance to sweep the three-game series against the Lotte Giants, but a come-from-behind loss in the last game threw cold water on them. Meanwhile, it was a close match for two days in a row, with only two losses, but it was very painful for Kiwoom, who had a busy way to go.

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