Birmingham Choi Yu-ri, Who Developed ‘Around 30’

Choi Yuri, who developed ‘around 30’, “English young players are fearless”

Choi Yu-ri (Birmingham City), a striker for the women’s soccer team, has recently improved her soccer skills.

Our own analysis is that our experience on the English stage when we were around 30 served as a stepping stone for our growth.

Choi Yu-ri played well with one goal and one assist in the second friendly match against the Philippines held at Icheon Stadium in Gyeonggi-do on the 8th, leading the national team to a 2-1 victory.

Following the 3-0 score in the first game, the team scored in two consecutive games. 카지노사이트위키

Officials of the Korea Football Association, who watched Choi Yu-ri’s movements from the stands as she attacked the space behind the Philippine defense with her quick feet from the beginning, were impressed and said, “her skills have improved.”

Intelligent play has been added to Choi Yu-ri, whose strength was originally her aggressive movements.

Choi Yu-ri, who played for Incheon Hyundai Steel in the women’s professional soccer WK league, transferred to Birmingham City in England last year.

Born in 1994, she willingly chose to take on the challenge of going abroad when she was just about to turn 30.

Choi Yu-ri, who we met in the joint coverage area after the game, said, “Perhaps because I played on a stage where the pressure was stronger, my first touch with the ball got better and I was able to make faster choices.

If a slightly younger player encounters this type of environment and encounters collisions, it will be of greater help.”

“It will happen,” he said.

Colin Bell, the coach of the national team, raised his voice at the post-game press conference, saying that an environment should be created where talented 16- and 17-year-old players can play on the adult stage.

Choi Yu-ri also fully supported Coach Bell’s opinion and especially recommended young players to advance overseas.

Choi Yu-ri said, “On our team overseas, we are kicking balls with 17- and 18-year-old players.

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